Hundreds of thousands of web entrepreneurs, mobile app makers, home based businesses and digital nomads(1) are using website domain names for creative thinking and to brainstorm new money making business and mobile application concepts.

USA Today(2) gives us a good run down on how to name your small business. The author, @benpimentel, talks with DIYMarketers'(3) founder Ivana Taylor, who gives some key points to creating a great name and stresses having a story and a clear message behind your small business name is essential.

Should it be so difficult to come up with business name ideas though, really? The domain name and business brand website offers a different solution.

A spokesperson for, Eric Shoberg, says, "A lot of our customers are entrepreneurs, homemakers, and digital nomads who are looking to seed ideas for their next or new project". Eric goes on to say it can be as easy as perusing lists of already created domain name brands, selecting a name that makes sense for a business idea you are interested in creating. "And start from there. A great business starts with a good solid name, a good domain name fits that business".

~ by FreeYed Newsroom

Party Domains

Party domains are special website domains that end in the TLD (.PARTY), as opposed to (.COM).

These nifty domains can give your website some extra PARTY! Party planners, affiliate programs, direct sales home business parties, and party suppliers are choosing these domains for their advertising, marketing, and ecommerce needs.

A good domain name is one that makes sense for your business. Need some creative examples?

Take a look: